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Registration for the 2019 Championships

To see the up-to-date Confirmed Registrations List, click here

In order to compete in the main Junior or National Championships, and therefore be eligible to win any trophies or prizes awarded at the end of the season, drivers need to register for the Championship, in advance of the first round they race at, and pay the required Registration Fee. 


The Registration Fee for the 2019 Championships is £25 if paid by Bank Transfer or PayM before 31st December 2018, rising to £30 from 1st January 2019. Registered drivers will be eligible for discounted Race Entry fees of up to £5 per round (if paid in advance), and will be given Priority Race Entry for each Championship Round (see the 'Race Entry' Overview for further details).


We offer a 'Family' Registration option as well - where two or more drivers in the same family group are covered by a single Registration Fee. 

Not Registered...?

If you aren't able to, or don't want to, commit to racing a full season, or perhaps you only want to race at one particular round - you can race at any Championship Round without a championship registration as a Guest Driver, and are eligible to win trophies or awards on the day, but any points scored won't be included in the main championship tables. 

If you race at any round up to and including Round 3, and then subsequently decide to register for the remaining rounds of the season, once you have paid the registration fee, then the points scored at the last round you raced at will be retrospectively added in to the main championship tables.

Family Registration Eligibility and Applications

Family Registration is only available to members of the same immediate family group - i.e. Parent/Child/Brother/Sister. A separate Registration Form is required for each driver. There is a section on the Registration form to indicate whether you are the 'Primary' or 'Secondary' Family member. The 'Primary' member is responsible for payment of the single Membership Fee, and must select 'Primary' in the Family Registration section of the form, and also  select a valid Payment Method (Bank Transfer, PayM or Cash/Card) on the form. For all subsequent family members, on the application form, they should select 'Secondary' and for the Payment Method, select 'Family'.

Lifetime Memberships and Free Registration

Drivers who have previously been awarded Lifetime Memberships, or are entitled to Free Registration still need to submit a Registration Form in order to compete in the Championship. Even though there are no registration fees to pay, please select payment method 'Cash/Card' on the Application Form -  Covkartsport has a list of all eligible drivers, and applications from those drivers will be confirmed, added to the Registrations List and marked as 'paid'.

Championship and Class Information
There are 2 main Championships : Junior Championship - for drivers aged 12-15, and National Championship - for drivers aged 16 and above, split into Lightweights and Heavyweights. Within each Championship, there are 3 sub-classes - Novice, Standard & Plus. 
Drivers who have competed in less than 7 competitive outdoor races can enter the Novice sub-class, but are not eligible to win any of the main championship trophies/awards at the end of the season, however there is an award for the highest placed Novice in each of Juniors, Lightweights and Heavyweights, or if the total number of Novice Drivers across all classes is less than 6, then there will be a trophy for the  top Novice Driver across all the classes. The Standard and Plus sub-classes are determined by minimum and maximum driver weights, and are for drivers who are not entering the Novice class. Weight thresholds, which are the driver weight with full racewear, including helmet, are listed below in the 'Guide to completing the Registration Form'.

To join up for 2019, simply fill in all of the required details on the form below and click 'Submit Registration'. Before applying, make sure to read all of the relevant information regarding the code of conduct, rules, formats, weight classes etc. Even if you have raced with Covkartsport before, there are a few changes being made for 2019....!

2019 Registration Form

Please fill in all required (*) fields.

Guide to completing the Form

Thank you for your submitting your Registration Form - If you have opted to pay via Bank Transfer, acct details will be e-mailed to you within the next couple of days.
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Full Name

We don't need middle names, but first name (as you prefer to be called) and last name. No nicknames please...!

Email Address - please make sure that this is entered correctly, as it will be used for any required communication / correspondence. Please also update you e-mail account to accept e-mails from the following addresses,

race.entry@covkartsport.co.uk, / registrations@covkartsport.co.uk / enquiries@covkartsport.co.uk

Which Championship...?

  • Junior : Aged 12-15 / min. height 5ft (152cm) - Note : Parent/Guardian consent required
  • Lightweight : Aged 16+ / min height 5ft (152cm) / max weight 79.99kg (with full racewear, inc helmet)
  • Heavyweight : Aged 16+ / min height 5ft (152cm) / min weight 80.00kg (with full racewear, inc helmet)


Which Class...?

  • Junior :  Standard - less than 60kg / Plus - 60kg and above / Novice - any weight
  • Lightweight : Standard - less than 70kg / Plus - 70kg to 79.99kg / Novice - max weight 79.99kg
  • Heavyweight : Standard - 80kg to 89.99kg / Plus - 90kg and above / Novice - 80kg and above
Veteran Class
: Within the Lightweight & Heavyweight Championships, there is a 'Veteran' Class for drivers aged 50 and above. At the end of the season, the top 3 'Veteran' drivers are awarded trophies
Address/Postcode/Contact No.
Required in case there is a need to get in touch with you by a method other than via e-mail or social media - this will generally be as a last resort, in case e-mail or social media communication is not possible. 

All contact details are held in the strictest confidence, and we never share these details with any person or organisation outside of Covkartsport.
Family Registration
Separate application forms are required for each driver who is eligible for Family Registration. One family member should select 'Primary', and all subsequent family members should select 'Secondary' on their registration forms.


Payment Method

Bank Transfer - If you opt to pay by bank transfer, then, when your Application form is received, you will receive an e-mail from registrations@covkartsport.co.uk containing details of the account number and sort code for payment to be made to. 

PayM - You need to register for PayM with your bank, but once it is set up, you can make payments by simply entering a mobile phone number...! Visit the PayM page on our website for further details.

IMPORTANT : When paying by Bank Transfer or PayM, you must enter the Payment Reference as follows :

"REG - Initial. Surname" - for example, "REG K. JOHNSON"

Cash/Card - Payment by Cash/Card can only be made in person during Signing-In at the first Covkartsport championship round you attend. NOTE : If you select Cash/Card, you will not be able to take advantage of the discounted registration fee of £25, as that is only available for payment in advance before 31/12/2018. Drivers entitled to free registration or who have lifetime memberships should also select this option.

Family - Only to be selected by drivers eligible for Family Registration and who are not the 'Primary' family member.


Parent/Guardian Consent

For all Junior Registrations, the name and e-mail address for a parent/guardian must be included - an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address entered, and a reply giving 'consent' will be required before the registration will be confirmed.


CoC Agreement

All Drivers must read and abide by the Code of Conduct (CoC)



This is simply giving consent that Covkartsport can contact you via e-mail for essential communication purposes, and if necessary, request to contact you directly via social media such as facebook and/or messenger. 

All confirmed Registrations will be listed on the 'Registrations List'. If the registration fee is paid via bank transfer or PayM, then "Paid" will be noted next to your name. If the registration fee is paid by cash/card at a championship round, it will show as 'Paid' shortly after the championship round is completed.