The UK's Original Rental Kart Championship...  

Members : In Advance Discount £70.00 / In Advance Standard £72.50Guest Entry : In Advance £75.00

Members In Advance Discount Available until 16/04/2020 @ 22:00

There is no 'On The Day' payment option for this round. Entries will only be confirmed once payment of entry fees in advance has been made.

Race Entry Closes : 22/04/2020 @ 22:00

Race Entry

  • Fill in the Race Entry Form below, ensuring all information and selected options are correct, then click "Submit Entry"
  • The Form will be processed within 48 hrs, and your entry will be added to the Race Entry List for this Round
  • If you have selected "Payment In Advance", remember the discounted rate is only available until 16/04/2020 @ 22:00
  • Guest Entries will not be confirmed until payment of the Entry Fee has been received by Bank Transfer
  • Please check the Race Entry List and if there are any issues e-mail us at

Race Entry Form

Thankyou for submitting your Race Entry Form. Entries will be processed within 48 and if there are no issues, will be confirmed and added to the Race Entry List. See you on the Grid soon...!
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Race Entry Fee - Payment by Bank Transfer

Acct Name : MR M J MOONEY

Sort Code : 40-13-10

Acct No. : 11267833

Payment Reference : 

"Initial / Surname / Round" e.g. "J Foster - R1"

Weight Classes

J - Junior Standard : 47.50 kg - 54.99 kg

JP - Junior Plus : 55.00 kg and above

L - Lightweight Standard : 65.00 kg - 74.99 kg

LP - Lightweight Plus : 75.00 kg - 82.49 kg

H - Heavyweight Standard : 82.50 kg - 92.49 kg

HP - Heavyweight Plus : 92.50 kg and above