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  The UK's original Rental Kart Championship, since 1996...  

2018 Junior Championship

Open to anyone aged 12 - 15 (subject to minimum height restriction of 5ft), the 10 Round Championship will be a combination of 5 x 'Juniors Only' rounds, and 5 x 'Joint' rounds, where the National Championship and Junior Championship will race at the same circuit. Note: Drivers aged 15 who turn 16 during the Championship are still eligible to compete


New for 2018, the Junior Championship provides an opportunity for young drivers who may be new to karting, to experience competitive multi-circuit racing, whilst at the same time giving more experienced youngsters the platform to develop their skills and race-craft as preparation for the step-up to the National Championship.


The 'Joint' rounds provide an opportunity for Junior Drivers to race in more powerful karts that normally would not be available to them in  normal Arrive and Drive sessions.


Members may also have the opportunity to race as a 'Guest Driver' in some of the other National Championship Rounds, dependent on the circuits - see the National Championship Calendar for details.


Drivers who have competed in less than 6 competitive outdoor karting events can enter the Championship as a 'Novice' driver - there is a trophy at the end of the season for the highest placed Novice driver, but a driver racing as a Novice is not eligible to win any of the main Championship Trophies.


The format of each Championship round is the same - each driver has a 5 minute practice session, followed by 3 x 12 minute Races.


Each Driver will be allocated grid positions in their 3 races, on a Front/Middle/Back basis - the total of each driver's starting position will always be within +/- 1 position of all the other drivers. Unless specified otherwise, all races will begin with a grid start, and during racing, the usual systems of flags and marshalling will be applied. At the end of each race, points are awarded to each driver depending on their finishing position in the race :


1st = 20pts, 2nd = 19pts, 3rd = 18pts, 4th = 17pts and then decreasing by 1pt for each subsequent position.


At the end of the races, each driver's points are totalled, and trophies are awarded to the drivers with the 3 highest scores. In the event of a tie, placings are decided firstly on a countback of race results, and if there is still a tie, then the placings will be decided by fastest race lap time.

Membership and Race Entry

In order to score points in the Championship, and be eligible to win any awards at the end of the Championship Season, drivers are required to submit an online Membership Form, and pay the Membership Fee of £30 at the first round they attend. 


'Guest' Driver's can race in any Championship Round, and if they finish with one of the top 3 points totals on the day, are eligible for a trophy award at that round, but their points are not included in the Championship Table.


Ahead of each Championship Round, all drivers must submit an online Race Entry form. This is on a 'round-by-round' basis - i.e. Race Entry for the next round of the Championship is opened the day after the previous round has finished. It is not possible for 'on-the-day' entries. Unless specified otherwise, Race Entry for each round closes at 22:00 on the Thursday preceding each round.


Race Fees are payable at registration at each round - cash is preferred method, although card payment is possible.

Weight Classes

Although all drivers will race together, the Championship is split into 2 weight classes -


J - Junior Standard = Below 59.99 kg

JP - Junior Plus = Above 60.00 kg


When submitting a Membership Form, Drivers must declare their intended weight class. Drivers must weigh-in, with all their Race-wear (including helmet), during the Registration period at each round, and it is each driver's responsibility to ensure they weigh the correct weight for the weight class they have declared.


It is acceptable for a driver to race 'overweight' in the Standard Class, but it is not allowed for a driver to race 'underweight' in the Plus Class. Drivers can change weight class once per season, up to and including Round 3 without any penalty, however, any subsequent change of class will result in the loss of all Championship Points.


The official regulations regarding weight classes can be found in Section 6 of the Main Regulations, as well as in Appendix 2 - view the regulations here

Championship Awards

At the end of the season, each driver's best 24 race scores will count as their final Championship total. Trophies are awarded as follows :


1st Place Overall

2nd Place Overall

3rd Place Overall


Further trophies are awarded to positions per weight class - for example, if 3rd place Overall was won by a Junior Plus driver, the next highest placed Junior Plus driver would receive a trophy for Junior Plus 2nd Place. There is also a trophy for the highest placed Novice Driver in the Championship. Tied positions are decided by a countback of race results. In the unlikely event that a tie remains after countback, the position will be 'shared' and each driver will receive a trophy.


To be eligible for any trophy, drivers must have raced in at least 5 of the Championship Rounds.