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  The UK's original Rental Kart Championship, since 1996...  

Frequently Asked Questions...

Below is a list of answers to questions that we receive at CovKartSport. If you have a specific question about CovKartSport that is not included in the below, then please contact us

How much does it cost to race with CovKartSport...?

In 2018, a full Championship Season, including Membership Fee, will cost £615 for the Junior Championship and £640 for the National Championship. Entry into the Open Endurance races, the Winter Team Challenge, and any other special races that may be arranged throughout the year will be additional to the Championship Costs. The cost per round can vary, so check the 2018 Calendar to see the actual prices per round.

Which Circuits do CovKartSport race at...? Are they the same every year...?
There are plenty of Outdoor Kart Circuits to choose from, but at CovKartSport, we pick the circuits that offer the best balance between cost, facilities, karts and 'driver satisfaction'. It is rare that two championship seasons will have exactly the same circuits, and we usually vary one or two circuits each year. Some circuits are 'permanent' fixtures on our calendar as they offer the best combination of the 4 factors we look at. You can see the circuits we are using this year on the Circuits page.
How do I pay Membership and Race Fees...?
All Fees are payable during the Registration period at the start of each Championship Round. Membership Fees are payable at the first Championship Round you race at. Cash is the preferred payment method, as not all circuits are able to take card payments when we are there.
Do I have to be a Member to race...?
No - you can race in as many rounds as you want without being a Member - you will be classed as a Guest Driver, but your race fees will be more expensive, and you won't score points in the Championship.
I'm new to Karting, or I'm looking for a change, and want to try CovKartSport to see if it is for me - is this possible...?
Absolutely - if you simply want to see if CovKartSport is the right Championship for you, then enter any of our Championship Rounds as a Guest Driver. If, after racing, you feel that CovKartSport is what you are looking for, then simply apply for Membership, and come along to the next round - points scored in your previous round will be retrospectively added to your Championship total.
Do I need my own Race Wear and Helmet...?
No, if you don't have your own Race Wear or Helmet, everything you need is provided by the circuits we race at, however, at some circuits, if you are using their Helmets, you may need to purchase a balaclava from them - usually these cost £2-£3 and can be re-used.
I have my own Race Wear and Helmet - do they need to meet certain specifications...?
No - we are not affiliated to any Motorsport Organisation (e.g. MSA or NKA), so, as long as your racewear is in 'good condition' and provides the required protection when you are racing, it is sufficient. The only stipulation is that Helmets must be of 'Full-Face' design. It is your responsibility to ensure that the condition of your racewear and helmet is suitable for karting - if you turn up with ripped, or non-fastening race suit, or if your helmet is clearly damaged, or the visor is heavily scratched, you will have to use the circuits own racewear, if they deem that your own gear is unsafe...

Do I need a Racing Licence to compete...?

No, as we are not affiliated to any Motorsport Organisation, there is no requirement for a racing licence.

I'm 16 and will turn 17 during the year - which Championship can I enter...?
If you are aged 16 at the start of the Championship year, but will turn 17 during the year, you must enter the National Championship.
I'm 15 and will turn 16 during year - can I race in the National Championship...?
If you are aged 15 at the start of the year, you must race in the Junior Championship - when you turn 16 you have a choice to continue racing in the Junior Championship until the end of the year, or you can choose to race in the National Championship for the rest of the year, but you cannot carry over points scored in the Junior Championship to the National Championship
I'm racing in the Junior Championship - are there any tracks in the National Championship that I can race at...?
There may be the possibility for Junior Drivers to race as Guest Drivers at some of the National Championship rounds, depending on any restrictions imposed by the circuits. Details of which circuits will allow under 16's to race are shown on the National Championship Calendar
How do I know which Weight Class to enter...?
The weight ranges for each weight class are described on the main Championship webpages. The weight that you need to consider is how much you weigh with the clothing, race wear and helmet that you will be racing in, so, if you are not sure, you should weigh yourself at home, dressed to race...! If you don't have your own race wear or helmet, then you should weigh yourself with the clothing that you would wear to race in, and then add c. 1.5kg for race wear and 2kg for a helmet.
I've gained or lost weight, and now I'm overweight/underweight for the weight class I have entered - what should I do...?
We have quite strict rules regarding the weight classes, and drivers are responsible for making sure they are within the weight limits for the class they have entered. Obviously, weight gain/loss does happen - As a general summary, within a weight class, it is OK to race Overweight in the Standard class, but it is not allowed to race Underweight in the Plus class. In the National Championship, it is OK to race Overweight in the Lightweights, but it is not allowed to race Underweight in the Heavyweights. Please Read through our Championship Weight Regulations for further detailed clarification. 
What is the format on Race Days...?
The basic format of a race day starts with Registration, Fee Payments, and Weigh-In, followed by Driver Briefings. Once the Driver Briefings are concluded, we will then run practice sessions, and follow those with the Races. The number of practice sessions and races is wholly dependent on the number of drivers entering each round, as well as the maximum grid size that a circuit will run per race. However, as a standard, every driver will get a 5 minute practice session, plus 3 x races of 12 minutes.
Note : at some rounds, the length of the races may be less than or more than 12 minutes - see the 2018 Calendar for details.
What time do the Championship Rounds start and finish, and what day of the week are they on...?
We always race on a Sunday, and normally Registration is open from 08:45 until 09:30. Racing will usually begin within max 45 minutes of Registration closing, after the driver briefings are given and the grids are created. Finish times will vary depending on the number of drivers and races, but generally, we are finished by around 14:00-14:30. The Open Championship round will usually take 1-1.5 hrs longer, as there are additional 'Finals' races. It is important though that you check the 2018 Calendar to confirm the Registration times and any Additional Information that may be relevant for each round.
How are my Grid Positions allocated for the Races...?
We don't run with Qualifying Sessions - the race grids are created once Registration is finished, and grid positions are allocated using a system that gives each driver a Front, Middle and Back grid slot in each of their races. This system works so that the total of all driver's 3 grid positions will be pretty much the same, with a variance of 1 or 2 positions. For example if there are 16 drivers racing :
Driver A : Grid 16, 8 & 1 = 25 / Driver B : Grid 8, 16 & 2 = 26 / Driver C : Grid 15, 7 & 3 = 25 / Driver D : Grid 6, 15 & 4 = 25 / Driver E : Grid 14, 6 & 5 = 25
and so on...
How do I know which Races I am in, and which Kart I have been allocated for each race...?
Once the race grids are created, they will be posted somewhere in the main building of the circuit - You need to check the grid sheets to see which race numbers you are in during the day. About halfway through the race prior to your next race, you should report to our grid marshall who will confirm your grid position and kart number for that race.
What if I have submitted a Race Entry form for a Championship Round, but then cannot attend...?
If you find you are unable to attend a Championship Round for whatever reason, then you need to e-mail to inform us that you won't be racing. If you find out on either the day before, or on the morning of the Championship Round, then you must send a text message (only when safe to do so) to
07954 838121, stating your name and class.
I am running late on the day of the Championship Round, and will not arrive before the end of the Registration Period - Will I still be able to race...?
As long as you inform us before the registration period closes, by text message (when safe to do so) on 07954 838121, stating your name and ETA, then we will keep your name in the race grids. Depending on how late you arrive, you may miss the practice session or the first race, however, full race fees are still payable. If you fail to inform us that you will arrive late, when Registration is closed, your name will be deleted from the grids for the day - if you do then turn up, you can still race, but you will start from the back of grid in each race.
What is the Open Championship Round...?
The Open Championship Round is basically a normal Championship Round, but with the addition of Finals. Anyone can enter the Open Championship Round, although Members get priority and discounted race fees. Drivers will race in the standard 3 races, and points scored in those races will count towards their Championship totals, however, the finishing positions on the day, will determine the starting positions in the Final(s) - if there are more than 18 drivers racing in a weight class, then there will be a 'A' Final and a 'B' Final - see the Open Championship Page for further details...
Are there any Special Events in the Calendar...?
From time to time, we may organise special events or additional non-championship races throughout the year, depending on what various circuits are offering. If additional events are added, then we will announce these via the website and also on our Facebook page. Normally, additional events would require drivers to book and pay in advance directly with the circuit, but again, full details would be announced at the time.
What happens if there is bad weather...?
In outdoor karting, only the most extreme weather conditions will prevent racing from taking place - 'extreme' being defined as weather that would make it unsafe to race for example, ice on the track. Normally, wet and windy weather does not stop us from racing, and most circuits can provide wetsuits...!
What happens if a Championship Round is cancelled, or has to be stopped on the day...?
It is very rare that a Championship Round will be cancelled - if it is cancelled in advance, then we will give as much notice as possible. If a round is stopped on the day, then it will only be due to very extreme weather conditions, or if there has been a very serious accident on track, or if some other issue arises that prevents us from completing the races. Unfortunately, regardless of the reason for cancellation, CovKartSport will not re-compense drivers for any travel costs or accommodation costs. Race Fees will not be refunded as a matter of course, however, depending on the reason(s) for the cancellation, it may be possible for some part of fees to be re-imbursed, however, this is not guaranteed.
Can I practice at a circuit before the Championship Round...?
At most circuits, CovKartSport will provisionally be given an exclusive practice session on the Saturday evening before our Championship Round. Often these sessions are offered at a discounted price. Booking of Practice Sessions is usually made directly with the circuit, either by phone, or via the circuit's website.
Please check the 2018 Calendar for details of the Practice Dates/Times, Costs and Booking Process for each round
I entered the Championship as a Novice, but after a couple of rounds feel I am good enough to challenge for the main title - can I change class...?
If you enter the championship as a Novice, you will normally remain as a Novice for the whole of that Championship. If you want to change, part way through a season, then you will lose any race points scored as a Novice.
I made a mistake on my Race Entry form - do I need to submit another one...?
Normally this is not required - Once your Race Entry is confirmed, it will show on the Race Entry List. If there is a problem or a mistake, simply drop an e-mail to to inform us, and we will update your Race Entry accordingly.
Am I allowed to bring Friends/Family to watch...?
Yes, we are a very family friendly club, and it is free to spectate, so you can bring anyone along to watch.
What if I have any questions on the day...?
There are always a good number of CovKartSport volunteers at each Championship Round, so feel free to ask any of us anything...!