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Sponsors of the 2019 Driver of the Year Awards

Cambridge Stonecare are a friendly, family run business, specialising in restoration and cleaning of stone floors, including Travertine, Limestone, Slate and Ceramic. Started by Bob Daines, and part-owned by one of his sons, Paul, with over 35 years of experience, they provide a professional and reliable service from a team of highly-qualified stonecare experts.

Visit Cambridge Stonecare's website at to find out more about what they do, or visit their Facebook page....

Stonecare and Karting would, at first glance, appear to be a strange combination, however, there is a clue in the family name - Daines. Many people associated with Covkartsport will know about the success in Motorsport that has been achieved by Bob's other son Chris, and in fact, Bob Daines himself started racing competitively, on two wheels, back in 1971, on his Triumph 'Bonnie' road bike. He then bought a few more bikes, racing in the 1,000cc class, moving on over time into the 600cc Supersport UK Championship, until a near-fatal accident in 1992 meant he had to retire from competitive racing. His passion for motorsport has carried on, despite everything, and even to this day, he and son Paul will often take part in track days at Snetterton, blasting round the track at 160mph on their bikes - and Bob is nearly 70 years old...!!


When Bob was approached about Cambridge Stonecare's sponsorship of the 2019 Driver of the Year Award for Covkartsport, he simply said

"it would be a pleasure to give something back to those that love motorsport as much as I do"

The Cambridge Stonecare Driver of the Year Award


The Driver of the Year Award won't necessarily be given to the driver with the most wins, points or fastest laps - the award will be won by the driver who displays the highest levels of respect for fellow competitors (on & off track), consistency of driving standards, competitive but fair, and a commitment to and support of Covkartsport as a championship.


The Driver of the Year will be someone who, throughout the course of the championship season, has demonstrated a true motorsport mentality, taking the rough and the smooth with equal grace, and always pushing themselves to improve in each and every race. Someone who takes onboard advice from others, or passes on advice to others based on their own experience.


Covkartsport's Organisers will nominate one driver from each Championship Class (Junior, Lightweight, Heavyweight), based on our assessment of their performance, racing, consistency, improvement, and general motorsport mentality across the course of the whole season. For each driver, we will present a summary to Cambridge Stonecare (which will also be published on the Covkartsport website and Facebook Page) describing why we think each driver is our 'Driver of the Year', and then Cambridge Stonecare will pick one of the three drivers as their 2019 Driver of the Year.


The Driver of the Year will be awarded a special trophy, and will win a £200 voucher for Trackdays


The other two drivers nominated will each win a £100 voucher for Trackdays


Visit for more information on what they offer

(In order to be eligible for winning this award drivers have to Register at the start of the season, and compete in at least 8 Championship Rounds in 2019)

So, it's down to you drivers to prove that you are worthy of being the Cambridge Stonecare Driver of the Year...!!